• Drip Coffee Bag with Overwrap Packing Machine
Drip Coffee Bag with Overwrap Packing Machine


Product origin: Xiamen, China

Delivery time: 30~60 working days

Supply capacity: 30 sets/month

1. The Drip Coffee Bag with Overwrap Packing Machine is widely used to pack coffee powders, loose leaf tea, CTC, fruit tea, flower tea, herbal tea, etc. into drip tea bag.
2. The drip bag is with hangers by which the bag can be put on the mouth of the glass or cup while the bag can be soaked into the hot water.
3. The mesh is sealed by ultrasonic sealing technic and is made of wide range of materials such as Nylon, Degradable Bio mesh (PLA), NWF, PET, etc.

Drip Coffee Bag with Overwrap Packing Machine

Product Features:

1. Original design, simple structure, and one-piece molding; the machine has key mechanism patents, is multi-functional and easy to operate and maintain.

2. The unique inner bag forming technology can easily cope with various packaging materials and  guarantee the reliability of bag moving .

3. The integrated optimization of the inner bag sealing and cutting system ensures the strength of sealing.

4. Nitrogen gas-filling prevents oxidation and fewer gas consumption, indirect accessibility to the ultrasonic pressure adjuster without opening the door or stopping the machine.

5. Slide Doser for Volumetric measurement, Rotary feeding device, Intermittent Feeding Device, Load-cell Weigher for precise weighing specially for leaf, herb, fruit and flower tea.

6. Indirect accessibility to adjust the cutting pressure without openning the door or stopping the machine. 

7. Speed regualtion by the frequency convertor and controlled by the PLC.

8. The drip bag will be packed in 3-side ultrasonic sealing.

9. Rectangular bag is also available.

10. Nitrogen can also be filled into the overwrap to keep the tea from being oxidation and keep fresh.

Technical Parameters:

Bag Shape: drip bag or rectangular bag

Bag Size: 

Inner Bag: W60~100mm, L50~90mm;

Overwrap Size: W80~110mm, L90~130mm.

Packing Capacity: 30-50 bags/min.

Packing Method: 3-side ultrasonic sealing

Packing Material: Any suitable filters for ultrasonic sealing such as nylon mesh, bio mesh, bio NWF, etc.

Dimensions: L1100*W860*H2360mm

Net Weight: 420~450KG

Power Supply: single phase 200-240V  47~63Hz  3kw

Gas Consumption: 130~150L/Min,0.5~0.6Mpa

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