• Medium Horizonal Packing Machine
Medium Horizonal Packing Machine


Product origin: Xiamen, China

Delivery time: 30~60 working days

Supply capacity: 30 sets/month

1. Widely used in tea bricks a such as white tea, pu’er tea, dark tea, flower tea.
2. Also widely used in other industries such as food, toys, hardware tools, garments, chemicals, medicine, etc.

Medium Horizonal Packing Machine

Product Features: 

1. Controlled by three high-precision servo motor to cut and seal the film accurately and can avoid the waste of time and film.

2. Color touch screen control panel is easy to setting the parameter and can store as much as 40 packaging parameters.

3. Equiped with the fault self-diagnosis function will alert when error ocurs.

4.High-precision color code snsor for tracking the packaging process and the sealing position can be adjusted by inputing the figure.

5. Separated PID control to temperature, suitable for various packing films.

6. The positioning-stop function can save the film.

7. The drive system is more simple and reliable and makes the maintenance more convenient.

Technical Parameters:

Bagtype: pillow bag

Bag Size:  W30~120mm, L30~330mm.

Filling Range: 10~2500g

Packing Capacity: 45-200 bags/min.

Packing Method:  center heat sealing

Packing Material: Laminated film(PET/PE, PET/AL/PE, Paper/PE, OPP/PE) heat sealing

Dimensions: L4020*W800*H1450mm

Net Weight: 700KG

Power Supply: 220V  50/60Hz  3kw

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