• Medium Size Vertical Packing Machine
Medium Size Vertical Packing Machine


Product origin: Xiamen, China

Delivery time: 30~60 working days

Supply capacity: 30 sets/month

The vertical packing machine is widely used in packaging various kinds of products in granules, sticks or pieces, such as leavened food, candies, peanuts, seeds, etc. as well as powders such as milk powder, strach, etc.

Medium Size Vertical Packing Machine

Product Features:

1. Latest fashionable design, reasonable structure and advanced technology.

2. PLC control system of famous brand, color touch screen and easy operation.

3. Standard positioning with servo film transoporting system and mark sensor, to ensures superexcellent capability in packaging.

4. Pneumatic components controlling of top brands to ensure high stability in operation.

5. New design of film loading device to make it uniform and stable.

6. Automaic film correcting design to help save time, labor and cost during the operation.

7. The design of automatic warning function to minimize the loss.

8. Various kinds of bags available, such as pillow bags,  angle folding bag, hang bag with hole, linked bag etc.

Technical Parameters:

Bagtype: pillow bags,  angle folding bag, hang bag with hole, linked bag etc.

Bag Size:  W60~200mm, L80~300mm.

Film Width: 140~420mm

Filling Range: 150~1000ml

Film Thickness: 0.04~0.12mm

Packing Capacity: 5-60 bags/min.

Packing Method:  heat sealing

Packing Material: Laminated film(PET/PE, PET/AL/PE, Paper/PE, OPP/PE) heat sealing

Power Supply: 220V  50/60Hz  2.2kw

Dimensions: L1315*W1015*H1343mm

Net Weight: 600KG

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